I’ve never been a Rock O Rolla
never could find the time
take more than chance to kill my emotions
these day’s I’m just pushing for a little peace of mind
gimmi little peace of mind

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Posted: October 31, 2013 in 13for13
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Anger on an accusation face, coming right in his direction, the colour drained away. Collecting his punishment from an adult mind shrouded in hate, pleading, pleading, pleading they did not see his fear, pleading, pleading, pleading. Could this be down to you and me that parenting legacy? Click here for more…

Words and music by Andy Dunleavy

A Don’t Know

Blame, punishment, contradiction are common stances in any relationship. This song is (intentionally) a bit of curve-ball. It is played out within those blame and contradictory contexts expressed in the tabloid media. The song is about power, and particularly government policy and the treatment of youth today. This is not new. We have much discourse concerning ‘fear of young people’ History shows us governments neglect young people (unemployment levels for example). Foucault’s postmodernist thinking, such that ‘power‘ is everywhere’ gives some insight to look at what power is (privilege is central in this song). If power is dispersed and pervasive and far from static or repressive (good to know if you feel you haven’t got any) then ultimately (let’s hope) power would be a positive force to change the scope or ‘scene’ in which this song is set.

A Don’t Know :)

Born Blind

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Not about being born blind (obviously I hope!). I am trying to use images of life in a tough city, of parents and the impact of all this put together. Is there hope? I see so many gang/hood type films these days I wonder? Just in case you are interested in why the opening uses a continued piano note. This represents the emergency services churning away in the background of the city scape (what would we do without them?).

Hope you like it!